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A community is any gathering of people with a common goal or interest, be it a book club, a humanitarian non-profit, or even a small business. And every community needs a place to come together and communicate with each other, to make sure everyone is on the same page, or up to date about their community's plans and goals. That's where CommunityCraft comes in. We provide you with all the tools- and the hosting- that you need to create a simple and effective online portal that your members/ customers can use to congregate.

With multiple customizable portal pages, multiple self-defined member tiers, Customer Relation Management Tools, Contact Directory, Sharable Media Base, and integration with Marketingship's MailCraft and Eventcraft solutions, CommunityCraft has everything required to create a place where your organization's members can not only gather, but come together and share their experiences as a group.

Club/ Association Food/ Restaurant Health/ Medicine Non-Profit Organization
Small Business Sports/ Fitness Technology / Software Theater / Performance

Whether your goal is to change the world or just get together and discuss your hobbies, having everyone in your club on the same page is a great help. CommunityCraft helps you connect with, organize, and inform all the members of your club in a single, central location.

  • Post meeting times and schedules, along with copies of the minutes for those not in attendance
  • Encourage group interaction through a comprehensive contact directory of every active member
  • Collect Dues and grant access accordingly with our automatic member management system

Having good food is only one part of running a successful restaurant. Having a loyal clientelle is another, and having a strong online presence with loyalty rewards is one way to get that clientelle. CommunityCraft from Marketingship gives you everything you need to set up an online portal, keep your customers in the loop, and even set up member rewards, if you like.

  • Display your standard menu and rotating specials with a persistent online portal
  • Let customers upload their restaurant memories with a sharable MediaBase
  • Give special membership bonuses to long time customers and reward their loyalty

Communicating with patients is an important part of keeping them healthy. Keeping complete records, making sure they understand their regimens, and answering questions they may have all help you keep your patients as healthy as they can be. CommunityCraft helps you do all these things with our Online Member portal and MailCraft integration.

  • Let customers upload and download important medical information privately through per member file storage.
  • Respond quickly to patient concerns through an integrated CRM system and contact directory
  • Schedule appointments and automatically send out reminders with MailCraft's autoresponder tool

Your group has a purpose, you just need to make sure everyone knows what to do to accomplish that purpose. CommunityCraft gives you the tools you need to make sure all your members are up to date and in the loop with our online Community portal and other community features.

  • Keep everyone focused on the same goals with portal page announcements
  • Organize your community with Portal updates and keep in touch with a full contact directory of every member
  • Upload inspirational photos and videos of your accomplishments for everyone to enjoy with the sharable MediaBase

As a small business, you need to have a strong, central online presence with enough functionality to serve your employees and your customers alike. CommunityCraft's Member Portal does just that with is sharable MediaBase, integrated CRM solution, and its ability to create eye catching and informative portal pages.

  • Present yourself professionally with an easy to use, easy to navigate web portal
  • Field Customer concerns with a built in CRM solution
  • Distribute important documents internally and externally through a privilege controlled MediaBase

Strategy, Training, and Teamwork are the three things any sports team needs to succeed, and CommunityCraft can help you with all of them. With a centralized online community portal, sharable MediaBase, and customizable contact directory, you can keep your team just as together online as they are on the field.

  • Keep on the same page with schedules and strategies via the member portal
  • Let players and assistants upload pictures and videos to improve team performance on the field
  • Keep everybody in the loop with member rosters and contact directories

Keeping in contact is important in the world of technology. It helps you spread new information via word of mouth, provide sneak previews and demons, and solve customer issues before they become serious problems, and the CommunityCraft member portal provides all the features you need to fulfill all of those roles and more.

  • Provide software previews and demos through a professional member portal
  • Sell subscription to members for additional portal access, one on one, technical support, beta access, or more
  • Share important software download for paying members via member restricted MediaBase

Before the lights can go down and the curtain can go up, there's a lot of preparation to be done. Make sure your troupe is on the same page with a fully featured CommunityCraft member portal.

  • Share scripts, Lighting Directions, and other important information via the sharable MediaBase
  • Post cast lists, rehearsal time, and other important information in the portal for each cast member to view
  • Sell tickets to your show through EventCraft integration and add each show attendee to your list of loyal fans

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