CommunityCraft Guide

CommunityCraft with Marketingship has everything you need to create a permanent presence on the internet for interested parties to join, without any need for special knowledge or training. It also has the tools to set up various member levels with varied permissions and subscription fees, to keep track of your members, and for using varying member levels to offer specialized content. We provide tools to lighten the workload and take you through every step, start to finish.

Portal Homepage

  • Customize the portal header with your logo so it appears at the top of every portal page
  • Create eye popping pages with simple and robust integrated tools to define your portal on your terms
  • Let members update their own information with the contact information and custom contact information pages
  • Let members view contact directories and view and update the MediaBase to foster a sense of portal community and interactivity

Adding Links to the Portal

  • Add Trackable links to your portal pages and see which links work best
  • Create trackable links on the fly, or choose from a collection of previously created links in the Link Library
  • Check link details and statistics while adding them to the page
  • Embed Images and Videos into pages for a richer portal experience.

Member Types

  • Create a variety of Member types to offer a variety of benefits to your members
  • Set a price for each member type, along with duration and benefits
  • Update member information manually via the Contacts tab, or let the system handle updates automatically
  • Use Member Levels to give different members exclusive access to portal pages and scheduled events.

System Login and Signup

  • Go public at any time with live signup and login links
  • Customize your registration and login to fit your look
  • Create a unique registration form with the information you want members to provide
  • Use the Login Widget to let potential members register and login from nearly anywhere on the web

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