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EventCraft: Event Planning for Any Occasion

There are an innumerable variety of events in the world, with different formats, venues, attendance numbers, and thousands of other variables that make each one unique. But every single one of those events shares a single thing in common with every other, regardless of how unique it is, and that is the fact that it must be organized. Dates must be set, invitations or notifications must be sent out, and in many cases, attendance must be confirmed ahead of time.

A Well organized and promoted event is an event that is more likely to draw numerous attendees, and Marketingship's EventCraft Event Marketing Tool offers the solution to your event organization needs to create, organize, and promote your event. By organizing with EvenCraft and promoting your event through an attractive customized web page including integrated registration functions, you present yourself and your organization as competent and well thought out, and that increases registrant confidence that yours will be a competent and satisfying event to be part of.

Conventions Donation/

Business retreats are an excellent way to unite and invigorate your office team, but can require a lot of effort to fund and organize. EventCraft takes the hassle out of organization with tools to help inform your team, keep track of who's joining the retreat, and following up with everyone to make sure your retreat is as effective as it needs to be.

  • Keep your team informed about the time and content of the business retreat with an informative web page
  • Let employees affirm their interest through inline registration tools
  • Keep retreat attendees in the loop with important updates about the retreat with one click targeted email lists

Running a convention is an exhausting project, scheduling panels, booking guests and locations, getting registrations and especially running the convention itself. Save yourself time and energy by letting Eventcraft's automated registration handle the busywork so you have more time to spend on the tasks that matter most.

  • Allow for immediate registration and payment online from any internet connection
  • Persistent Registration list allows you to confirm registrations or process them in person
  • Use auto-sorted lists to update Registrants of important convention information by email and update attendees about convention schedule changes and other important details

Getting funding for a worthy cause is a hectic endeavor, and can take valuable time away from actually working on that worthy cause. Set up an EvenCraft Donation page to handle your incoming donations and get back to what really drives you.

  • Take donations online with instantaneous credit card processing and payment deposits
  • Set specified donation amounts or let donators contribute to their conscience with a self define donation
  • Send updates and progress reports to donators during and after the donation drive to let them know their contributions are being put to good use

Board Meetings, Strategy Sessions, or just meeting with clients for lunch, schedule them all and provide meeting times, driving directions, and all the important information you need to make each meeting a success.

  • Add Start and End times to each event so everyone knows how long your meeting plans to run
  • Add Driving Directions and an embeddable map of the meeting location to ensure no one gets lost.
  • Keep a record of registrations and payments with a detailed registration report

Want to attract new members to your organization, draw back former members, or get current ones to upgrade their membership tier? EventCrafts Membership drives are the perfect tool for you. Create a stunning and Stylish sign up page to attract your audience and let us handle payment processing and registration records for you.

  • Set up Special Member level prices and subscription durations to drive up registrations
  • Use automatic registration and processing to process payments and record all new memberships
  • Grant Immediate access to a Tier based Member portal as an added member incentive

The two things a successful seminar needs is a well-crafted presentation, and an audience, and time spent organizing an audience is time not spent organizing a presentation. Let EventCraft handle audience signups and reminders while you focus on refining your presentation to its utmost.

  • Set an online schedule so everyone knows when the Seminar will be and what it will cover
  • Record and review your attendance through comprehensive registration records
  • Follow up with your attendees and guage interest in future events through post Seminar emails

You have a party plan and a list of guests you need to invite, but you need to know who's coming beforehand so you can make accurate arrangements. Let EventCraft handle the RSVPs and give yourself more free time to make important choices like menu selections and seating arrangements.

  • Get an accurate headcount with detailed registration records
  • Let guests know about menu options ahead of time and select them as part of their RSVP
  • Alert guests to party updates or inform them of upcoming parties via the integrated email system

Collecting dues and subscriptions from all your members can be a daunting task. With sending out invoices, receiving and processing payments, and keeping track of who has and hasn't paid, there's a lot to keep track of. Let EventCraft streamline and simplify the payment process with our online payment collection event.

  • Send global emails to remind members of their upcoming payments
  • Automatically process payments online via credit card or money order
  • Keep a record of each successful payment for each collection cycle

Selling a product is difficult enough. You have to maintain inventories, keep track of sales, and make sure each mailing slip is correct and goes with each order. EventCraft can help reduce or remove these hassles with the variety of features offered by our Product Sales tool.

  • Set online inventory limits for fast moving items- never oversell your product
  • Set per sale, per item, or per total maintenance fees to cover your additional operating costs
  • Print mailing labels for every purchase to ensure each order reaches its proper destination

When selling tickets to an event, there's a lot to keep track of. Selling tickets for the right price, handing out the right tickets for the right sections, and not overselling for the event. EventCraft with Marketingship takes the hassle out of selling tickets with our helpful and easy to understand online ticket selling tool.

  • Online payment processing with distinct pricing per ticket type
  • Set definitive inventory prices- never sell more tickets than you have seats
  • Update all purchasers of any important changes with a single email

If any of these features sound like something that would benefit your organization, then Marketingship is the service for you. If you want to try us out before diving in, you can register for a freemarket account, and create events as often as you want to up to 3000 contacts. There's no time limit, no event limit, no commitment, no risk, and no credit card required.