EventCraft Guide

EventCraft with Marketingship has the tools needed to create an online presence and publicize an event, and to automatically handle event registrations and payments. No special training needed to create an effective online presence all of your events. We provide tools to lighten the workload and take you through every step, start to finish.

Starting a Meeting

  • Start a meeting from Home or Event tab to speed up creation time.
  • Provide vital information like when and where each event is along with maps and directions.
  • Choose to limit registration to your members or leave it open to the public, and set automic closure options by date and registration number.
  • Define your own pricing options to set your own fees, or no fees at all.

Setting up a Payment Collection

  • Swiftly explain the purpose of collection with self embedding event descriptor.
  • Enable Automatic registration closure by date.
  • Set up pricing options based on Member level, Early payment, Late payment, and a mix of each option.

Receiving donations

  • Explain your cause with a description field that adds itself to the event page.
  • Create multiple donation options, each with their own amounts and description.
  • Set up a self-enter amount so registrants can give the exact amount they want to give.

Beginning a Member Drive

  • Grow your Member base with simple registration member drives
  • Give each member type a special price to encourage purchases and upgrades
  • Automatic payment processing and member status updates let members register entirely on their own

Selling a Product

  • Sell your products with convenient descriptions and individual inventories.
  • Upload a High definition image for each image to create an automatic thumbnail.
  • Automatic inventory management ensures you only sell as much as the number you allow sold.
  • Print out preformatted mailing labels for each and every order.

Selling Tickets

  • Give each ticket a price and a description so customers known exactly which ticket they're getting
  • Give each ticket an inventory and a purchase limit so each customer can have their fair share
  • Enable a processing fee in addition to ticket price to cover operating costs.

Event Templates

  • Go beyond the basics by creating your own event templates to make your event homepage decidely yours
  • Templates are saved until you delete them, automatically sorted by event type
  • Copy and Paste new template from any content you wish
  • New templates are automatically available in event creation, just as functional as the premade templates

Editing the Event Page

  • Edit Event pages by convenient tools, manual editing, or even copying and pasting
  • Automatic registration links are automatically a part of every event page
  • Create trackable links on the fly, or choose from a collection of previously created links in the MediaBase
  • Embed Images and Videos to give each event a personal flair.

Publishing the Event

  • Double Check event details to ensure accuracy, and make corrections at any time
  • Review and finalize event page with form preview
  • Let your event go live with single button page publishing
  • Tailor the default signup forms and confirmation emails to exactly match the current event

Registration and Payment

  • Determine whether the registration is open form, or requires password confirmation
  • Select the Signup form prohibited registrants use to sign up for your community portal
  • Craft the confirmation email sent after each event registration
  • Customize the design of registration pages and confirmation emails for each individual event

Invitations and Followup

  • Use each invitation to interest unregistered parties, or to send reminders and thanks to registrants and attendees
  • Edit each invitation to best match the message
  • Send invitations to any contact lists, or to special lists of event registrants and attendees
  • Send invitations instantly or on a schedule, and track the effectiveness of each in both the Event and Email tabs
  • When your event finally arrives, print out personalized nametags for every attendee, straight from Marketingship

Registration Report

  • One glance event reporting lets you see which contacts have registered for an event and check their payment status
  • Automatic Registration and payment processing lets you focus on more important aspects of creating the event