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Registration and Payment

Changing Themes

Clicking the settings button and selecting 'Default Event Registration form' will make an in browser window appear. Using this window, you can change the

registration method, the registration page template, and the signup method available for non members. The registration method can either be open, requiring email confirmation, or confirmed, requiring an email and a valid portal password.

The Signup form can be selected from a short form, with little information, a long form, with more information, or custom forms with any information desired. The look of each form and the content of the custom forms can be found in the Login and Signup Forms page under the CommunityCraft Tab. The look of the currently selected

registration form can be checked using the preview signup form button. The look of the login page can be checked with the preview button above.

The Registration form can also be changed on a per event basis by clicking the edit registration form on the

event details page once the event is finished. The form's design can also be edited this way, with any additional design of function elements can be freely added as long as the page contains an intact [[REGISTRATIONCONTROL]] code, which places the functional registration form in the page, allowing each contact to register for an event and pay for their registration.

Registering for the event

Once you've published your event, people can register for it. Regardless of the template chosen or edits made to the event, it should have a registration button that leads to the actual registration form.

After clicking the registration button, the registration form appears. This form will either ask for an email address twice, or an email and a password, depending on whether an open or a password protected registration was chosen.

If a contact cannot register for an event because they are of the wrong member type or are not a member, they will be asked to register by clicking the signup link, taking them to the registration form specified in the Default or Event Specific registration form editor.

After signing into the event, regardless of the type, the registrant will see their available selection and payment options, including any notes or messages left for each option. If Payment via Marketingship's credit card service is enabled, the contact will be able to enter their credit card information and complete their registration payment on this single page. If Processing by paypal is chosen, the payment process will navigate to the paypal page before completing the registration.

If either the by check or at door payment options are available and selected, the registration and payment will be added to the event report in a pending state, and will need to be manually updated once actual payment is received.

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation Emails are mails that send themselves immediately to registrants upon a successful

event registration. To define these emails, click the settings button in the event list and choose confirmation emails to bring up the editor window.

Each type of event has its own confirmation email, and each can be individually selected and edited to better fit the type of event. The mail's subject and content can be freely edited by changing text, adding links, and including mail merge fields for a more personalized touch. A basic template for the confirmation mail, including system merge fields, can be loaded at any time through the reload default button.

Confirmation mails can also be tailored to individual events by clicking the edit confirmation mail button on

the event information page after the event has been published.