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Delivery Settings

After adding content and links to the body of the email, it's time to save, send, or schedule the email. To save the mail, just make sure 'draft' is selected and click finish. To send or schedule the email, you'll have to select a contact list first. Every created contact list will appear on the left side of the Delivery step page.If you do not have any contact lists, you will need to make at least one and fill it with contacts, using the methods explained

in the ContactBase before you can send the email. If you do have at least one contact list, with at least one contact in it, you can click the box by the contact list name to select it, making the immediate and scheduled delivery options available. Immediate delivery processes and sends the created email to all selected contacts as soon as the email is finished. Scheduled delivery processes and sends the created mail at a determined date and hour, selected by the calender tool and dropdown box.

Above the scheduling options is the spam check, which gauges the likelihood of the email being flagged as spam. Emails with a green report are unlikely to be flagged, emails with a yellow report are moderately likely

to be flagged, and emails with a red report are at high risk of being marked spam. Clicking the Spam Report button to the right of the colored box will display what elements, if any, are raising the spam alert level. This tool can also be accessed in the email editor by clicking the broom icon.

Email Settings

The Anti spam and privacy policy box is small, but is the most important part of sending an email, in that by clicking the box, you certify both that all recipients of the mail to be sent have given their agreement to receive mail from you, and that no personal information of your contacts will be given to any third party apart from law

enforcement and legal personnel with the authority to request that information. Breaching either of these agreements is a serious offense and violation of either can result in suspension or even deletion of your Marketingship account.

After making your decision to save, send, or schedule, you will be taken to confirmation page. From here, you can choose to return to the email list, or preview the mail and send test emails to examine the mail in any email client. Once finalized, mails will be accessible in the email list at all times. Draft emails can be edited, as well as sent or scheduled. Scheduled mails can be edited until they are sent. Sent mails cannot be edited at all.

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