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Marketingship understands that all organizations have 2 common goals: Client Attraction and Client Retention. While email programs and email software vary from office to office, everyone uses email. To distinguish the Newsletters, Flyers, Coupons or other materials you can publish using an email marketing solution, your promotional content works best when it reinforces your organizational and industry branding.

Our professionally designed portfolio with over 300 templates provide an email solution targeting your customer base and widen your digital brand's footprint. When your message is genuine, when your services match your promises, MailCraft can multiply the benefits of any existing marketing efforts by identifying, attracting and maintaing the customers who will drive your business growth. Whether attraction or retention is your goal MailCraft is the email marketing service addressing the full lifecycle of customer engagement.

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Openings, Receptions, Shows, Venues…nothing happens without an audience. Make sure you get your largest response by using MailCraft as your Audience Publishing Platform.

  • Convert Web Traffic to Sales
  • Publicize or Pre-Sell Events
  • Measure Marketing Impact
  • Cross-Promote on Social Platforms

MailCraft has tools for the Email Marketing Service you need to build traffic & the Email Customer Relationship tools to service your customer’s needs for years.

  • Embed "I Accept Terms" button in client finance correspondence
  • Increase revenue and shrink Receivables with Pay By Invoice email
  • Maximize target coverage by remarketing with different Designer Templates
  • Provide automated Lease Renewal and Work notices

If you’re involved in a business association you understand the value of people’s time. Reducing the time people use to register and pre-pay for events focuses you on membership interactions that matter.

  • Pre-Register Members for Scheduled Meetings
  • Share information and contacts more than once a month
  • Measure Membership Efforts
  • No More Stamps

You can finally put down the membership call sheet. MailCraft handles member transactions like attendance confirmation or Event transactions like rescheduling or venue changes without ever picking up the phone.

  • Publicize or Pre-Sell Events
  • Automate Member vs Non-Member pricing
  • Newsletters and Event Announcements increase participation

Business Processes in Property demand a considerable volume of customer correspondence. MailCraft handles scheduled customer transactions like lease renewal notification or single events like Statements of Work with equal ease.

  • Provide automated Lease Renewal and Work notices
  • Pay From Invoice allows renters to pay from email
  • Customer Acquisition
  • New Property Listings

Repeat Customers are the measure of success for companies in Hospitality. Whether you’re a gourmet food truck, a conference center or a diner, MailCraft has the tools to tell your Customers how important they are to you.

  • Convert Web Traffic to Revenue Increase Repeat Business
  • Incent Customer Loyalty w/ “Email Only” Specials
  • Measure Marketing Impact

Bulk mail as a reminder in time, labor and cost intensive. Wouldn’t it be easier to schedule next year’s reminders today?

  • Drive Bulk Mail out of your Office
  • Schedule Appointment Reminders
  • Promote Wellness via Events or Newsletter

High Touch Service is how to maintain positive referrals. Positive referrals drive your revenue. MailCraft reduces the time and effort of delivering the White Glove experience to your clientele.

  • Customer Lifecycle Management in a Nutshell
  • Increase Customer Acquisition, Increase Customer Retention
  • Identify Hi-Value Customers
  • Create Incentive, Referral & Loyalty programs

The delivery of Legal Services and the variety of possible offerings requires successful firms to find new ways to define their niche, their brand and their markets. MailCraft can be a brand amplifier with reporting supplying conversion rates on service campaign. Create actionable BI using MailCraft.

  • Embed payment button in invoices, avoid Net 30
  • Embed "I Accept Terms" button in confirmations
  • Update project or request info

The delivery of Legal Services and the variety of possible offerings requires successful firms to find new ways to define their niche, their brand and their markets. MailCraft can be a brand amplifier with reporting supplying conversion rates on service campaign. Create actionable BI using MailCraft.

  • Discover who your High Value clients really are
  • Uncover untapped markets and services
  • Publicize Workshops

Leverage the content creation and delivery of Digital Marketing you’re producing for clients with social crossover and measurement analytics. MailCraft creates a Value Add for your base.

  • Analytics Displays Client Snapshot
  • Built in cross-branding with Social Media
  • Tell clients who their most valuable customers are

Your core drivers serve common interests, not sales per-se. Regardless of motivation you share many business processes with the for-profit world. Spend less time and costs on development by Donor Engagement using MailCraft.

  • Segment lists by Audience, Segment lists by Function
  • Measure Development or Fundraising Goals
  • Allow Direct Donations from Inbox

How much is bulk mailing telling you about your client base? Bulk mail mostly tells you how expensive shotgun marketing can be. Would your time be better spent with MailCraft where you can see which product coupons your customers use the most without any added cost?

  • Drive marketing efforts via traceable channels
  • Uncover your Target Market / Hi Value Customers
  • Promote Seasonal / Product Sales

Direct Marketing to increase membership is part of your business model. MailCraft can be a brand amplifier with reporting supplying conversion rates on what your prospects respond to. Spend less time and costs on development using MailCraft.

  • Cast a wider net, measure the results
  • Pay From Invoice decreases Account Receivables
  • Discover your Value-Add and Upsell Customers
  • Find out who needs gentle reminders

Hospitality is an industry with unique spectrum of customer needs. Whether you’re a resort destination or handle event bookings for conferences when information changes you need to communicate with your customer base ASAP.

MailCraft’s tools let your Customers know what a priority they are to you.

  • Convert Web Traffic to Sales
  • Increase Repeat Business
  • Reservation & Payment via Email

If any of these features sound like something would benefit your organization, then Marketingship is the service for you. If you want to try us out before plunging in, you can try a freemarket account, and send newsletters as often as you want to up to 3000 contacts. There's no time limit, no delivery limit, no commitment, no risk, and no credit card required.

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