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Searching and Sorting Contacts

Searching Contacts

If you need to find a specific contact or set of contacts, Marketingship provides several powerful search tools to help your find the specific contact or contacts you need.

The simplest tool is the quick search text field above the contact list, which searches Contact names, email addresses, and the other visible values to find a match for the information you put in it.

For a more comprehensive search, there is the Advanced Search option, which can be accessed by clicking the Spyglass icon.

Advanced Search allows you to narrow down your search by searching through contact activity, which can be set to search for a particular activity in a span of time prior to the current date, or between any two dates. Contacts can also be searched according to their contact information.

Advanced sort also has the power to comprehensively search every contact information field, including custom created information fields and fields left blank, to narrow down the search results to as few or as many contacts as needed.

Any Data field from any page can be used as a search parameter, and involved fields will be starred to indicate their inclusion in a search. Removing the information from a search field will remove it as a parameter. All search fields are inclusive within a field- any contact with a match will be shown in the results- but exclusive between multiple fields- only contacts with an information match in every parameter will be shown.

When searching dates in Contact information, the date searched can be static, between any two fixed points of time, or dynamic, a range of time beyond the current date.

After searching, you will be taken to the contact list to see a list of only the discovered contacts, if any. A second search can be created by clicking on the now

highlighted spyglass icon, and you can exit all search results and return to the regular contact list at any time by clicking the crossed out spyglass.

Sorting and Filtering Contacts

When viewing any contact list, or the results of a quick or advanced search, you can sort the contact you are viewing by a given value to make it easier to find the ones you want. Clicking the top name row of any column will cause the display to be sorted in ascending order according to that column. Clicking it again will change the view to a descending order.

Contacts can also be filtered according to their Member levels. Clicking the Select a Type drop down box and selecting a member type will make the current list or search results only display contacts of that type in the contact pane. Choosing ‘Select a Type’ will remove the filter and restore the contact list or search results.

Changing the List View

If you want to view additional or different information at a glance for contacts in your contact list, you can click the Settings link in the upper right of to bring up the view settings for your list. Which statistics are hidden or visible and the order they are shown in can be changed by moving them

between the left and right lists and adjusting their position in the right list via the arrows. Submitting the changes will automatically update the visible statistics.

You can also change the number of contacts viewed per page by changing the number in the drop down box, adjusting from 10 per page up to 500 per page, and this change is applied automatically.

Changing the View settings and contacts per page affects the view of all of your contact lists.

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