Free Webinar Invitation: Essentials of Online Marketing Tools

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If you are reading this post, we feel honored to invite you to our webinar on “Essentials of Online Marketing Tools: How to benefit from Email Marketing, Event Marketing and Membership Management

This webinar is designed to enlighten you about the growing trends in online marketing industry. It will provide you with help and information regarding major online marketing resources: Email Marketing, Event Marketing, and Membership Management services.

The webinar will take you step by step through these platforms, starting from registration to creating your own marketing campaigns. This webinar is purely informational and is aimed to help any and all kinds of small businesses, non profits, and other organizations create top notch email marketing campaigns, interest catching events, and informative portals to create a real dialogue with their customers and members. Marketingship proudly commits itself to provide top notch online marketing resources and services.

Date: Thursday, September 5, 2013

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

Sign up here:  goto-button

Mark your calendar, and please help us spread the word to those you think who might also be interested in this webinar. Everyone is invited!

More details on our company and services can be found on our website (  Feel free to contact us ( if you need any help.

See you all on Sep 5th!

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